Micro-funder supports seven small wonders

publication date: Jul 13, 2011
The Small Change Fund is inviting Canadians to contribute to seven small grassroots projects in communities across the country.  With a focus on environmental and social justice initiatives, the Small Change Fund connects local projects with donors on a national level.  This gives small but locally significant projects a chance to receive funding that is out of reach of traditional funding models.

The seven small wonder projects aim to:
  • Educate youth about the importance of the MacKenzie River by re-tracing the Arctic river journey taken by the Berger inquiry between 1973 and 1976
  • Support the creation of a new provincial park in Fisher Bay, Manitoba
  • Protect the Magpie River - one of the top white water rivers in the world - from becoming weakened by a hydroelectric dam
  • Blend modern science and traditional ecological knowledge to equip First Nations youth in BC's Great Bear Rainforest to become the future stewards of the land
  • Create a community action plan for the citizens of Cocagne Bay, New Brunswick to defend themselves against the impact of climate change on their coastline
  • Support an urban training program to teach low income and immigrant Parkdale-area residents how to prepare food preserves, achieve healthier diets and support local farmers
  • Bring 100 community members - including Inuit elders and youth - together at a five-day drumming and dance festival in Nunavit to ensure cultural traditions are maintained across the Arctic.

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