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publication date: May 2, 2019
author/source: Mary Calalane, Hava Goldberg, Mimosa Kabir, Jen Love, ‏Jackie Mersereau, Leigh Naturkach, Chryslyn Pais, Jessica Wroblewski, edited by Ann Rosenfield

Recently, I asked the Twitterverse for thoughts on how women can thrive in their nonprofit career. Several key themes were mentioned including mutual support, self-care, and being well-informed.

Mutual support is important

Jackie Mersereau ‏commented that it is important to "Hold each other up. Support women at all levels in your organization." She adds "Don’t put down women’s ideas who are just starting their career. You were there once too." 

In this vein, Mary Calalane noted "Worry less about your title and more about your team. Surround yourself with smart people,-especially women. Welcome people with families. Set boundaries. Apologize less and build more relationships."

Don't take self-care for granted

On the topic of looking after yourself, Jen Love notes‏ "It’s ok to be vulnerable. This sector needs the authentic you. You always have the choice to make space for others, no matter where you are at. Check your privilege and unearned bias and keep checking it. 

Chryslyn Pais agrees, adding "Take the jobs that scare you a little bit. Support the women around you. Keep in mind that most of the time the lessons we learn come AFTER you've lived through something, and not while you're in it, so don't be too hard on yourself!"

In addition, Hava Goldberg reminds us "We all have bad days. But if you find yourself in a job where you have more bad days than good, get out! Find yourself a role where you can truly be your best self."

Nothing beats being well-informed

Jessica Wroblewski suggests that "All AFP chapters should make salary information mandatory on every job posting on their website." noting that  "Otherwise, they're just part of the problem."

As Mimosa Kabir notes "Using charity sector Wage & Benefit surveys to find salary ranges makes it easier to bargain by using external facts. Bear in mind that the wage gap is bigger than how you bargain."

Finally, Leigh Naturkach, quoting the great Rosemary Brown, reminds us “Until all of us have made it, none of us have made it.”


Got your own advice for achieving career success? Post your thoughts in the comments below.

Mary Calalane, @mcahalane is a Nonprofit fundraising consultant, Hands-On Fundraising. Writing for donors. Fundraising planning. Proud F&M grad.

Hava Goldberg, @HavaGoldberg is a Quirky, curly haired, do-gooder. Proud fundraiser & community builder for @HabitatCanada, using her passion & tenacity to better the world. 

Mimosa Kabir @mimosakabir is a Fundraiser. Facilitator. Event planner. Bookworm. Pop culture enthusiast. Wannabe globetrotter. Sometimes blogger.

Jen Love, ‏ @agentjenlove is a  Morning lover. Day dreamer. Story teller. Partner in @agentsofgood #DonorLove #FundraisingDelighters. Feminism & fundraising @MsRuptNow @fundraisingdogs

Jackie Mersereau, @Miss_Merse, is a Fundraiser, runner, patio explorer & pretend chef.

Leigh Naturkach, @LeighNaturkach, describes herself in terms of Feminist. Equity. Death culture/literacy. Dresses. Running. Writing. I can be spontaneous if I plan for it. Director @WCHF Board @DWDCanada. Settler.

<>Chryslyn< Pais, @chryslynp is raising money for @AmnestyNow Contemplating diversity, equity & inclusion with @inclusivegiving. Prone to multiple exclamation points.

Jessica Wroblewski, MPNL, CFRE, @jesswroblewski is an award-winning fundraiser and non-profit leader. She is on the Board of APF International, AFP Golden Horseshoe, CAGP and on committee of AFP Toronto and @SaveMeRescue

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