Pro Tip | Don't ruin your brand when you leave your job

publication date: Jun 6, 2019

Years ago, I had a staff member who didn't like me. In fairness, I didn't like her either.  But I would give her a recommendation any day. What is important to remember when you are leaving your job is thinking about the reference you are going to want down the road. So what did my staff member do to change my mind?

Tie up your loose ends ... and leave a to do list

If you cared enough to work for the charity in the first place, keep true to the people your charity serves by leaving your projects in good shape. Even if your boss is a jerk, be sure to leave your work in good order. Leaving your work in good order means that your successor can pick up the work. If there is a gap after your departure, at least make sure your co-workers can manage their newly increased workload.

Clean your computer

Many people send personal emails, check social media over lunch, or prepare their resume on their office computer. Soooo, how is that going to look when the next person using your computer sees all that? Clear all your personal work off the computer, clear your browser history, and clear out your email box and delete your personal messages.

Clear your work area

If you have ever been in nature, you know the statement "leave your campsite better than you found it." The same applies to your work area. When you start your new job, aren't you going to hope that the previous person left everything in good order? Offer the same courtesy when you are clearing out your workspace for the person who is replacing you.

Don't walk off with your contacts (or office supplies)

The AFP Ethical Code states that you can't take your contacts with you when you change jobs. It's not good practice and it is not ethical. And those office supplies? That's just cheap.


Ann Rosenfield, MBA, CFRE is the Editor of Hilborn Charity eNews and has picked up the pieces from more than one predecessor.

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