Sponsored: More than an award: Nonprofit Employer of Choice

publication date: Oct 5, 2017

Recently, Hilborn spoke with Susan Manahan of DeafBlind Ontario Services about their decision to participate in the Nonprofit Employer of Choice Award (NEOC)

Hilborn - You are super-busy, why did you decide to participate in the Nonprofit Employer of Choice Award (NEOC)?

DeafBlind Ontario Services - DeafBlind Ontario Services prides ourselves on being open to change and feedback, especially from our employees. We had conducted an employee satisfaction survey a couple of years ago and thought the information we would gather from the NEOC survey would serve as a good follow-up to see where we had improved and where we still needed to do some work.

Hilborn -What advice can you give charities who decide to apply to NEOC?

DeafBlind Ontario Services - It's worth the investment of your time and resources. It also gives you valuable information to make your organization better. We use the NEOC mark on our website, on job postings, on social media and more to show we're proud to be recipients of this award!

Hilborn -What was the biggest thing you learned from participating in NEOC?

DeafBlind Ontario Services - It's so much more than just an award. It's recognition, it's visibility, it's validation, it's credibility. It also provides you with solid information that you can use to make changes and improvements in your organization.

Hilborn -There are a lot of charities out there. What makes DeafBlind special to you?

DeafBlind Ontario Services - The people we support and the culture of the organization! We are inspired by our clients and their abilities, and they are at the forefront of every decision we make.

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