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publication date: Aug 9, 2018
author/source: Ann Rosenfield, MBA, CFRE and You

Recently, I was on a walk with a young woman. She wanted to write an article for Hilborn but felt she did not have enough expertise. As we talked, I learned that she loved to read books, that she had experience in marketing and volunteering. As you can see, we found several areas she could write on.

Hilborn publishes

And we publish in a wide range of areas including

For the bullets, I have linked to articles that show the range of what we do and what we have published so you can see it is very do-able. Our authors come from across Canada from PEI to Vancouver Island and have ranged from young professionals writing their first article to seasoned pros reflecting on a long career.

It's not that long

A Hilborn article is only 500 words. That is not actually a lot of text. For example, this article is 338 words.

All I need after that is a one line bio on you and a jpg of you or your organization.

I can use charts, infographics and other images as long as you own them or they are royalty-free.

Not a fit but still interested?

Hilborn can, and does, publish sponsored articles. Those are articles where an organization is promoting a product or service. 

Hilborn also publishes books. So if you feel like you have a lot more to say, then maybe a book is a path for you.

The next step of your career is up to you

 This is your invitation to contribute. This is your chance to break out and help others benefit from your wisdom.

Ann Rosenfield has been the Editor of Hilborn Charity eNews since 2017. She published her first piece with Hilborn in 1998 as a very young professional. She takes particular pride in publishing the first article by an author. 

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